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About Us

The Ladies Behind Purse Pod

holly-sharilyn.pngWe are Holly Mulloy and Sharilyn Evans; two cousins in our fabulous forties who live far apart, but have always stayed close by laughing, sharing, and sometimes crying together over the joys and sorrows life has brought us. During a heart-to-heart lunch, Holly was in need of a band-aid and Sharilyn pulled out a little bag of items from her purse and bragged, “I’ve got one!” That sparked a discussion about all the times we wished we had a “fill-in-the-blank” handy in our purse, car, briefcase or diaper bag. The conversation went on for a long time after the food was gone as we talked about making pretty packages of life’s little necessities. Soon the idea of Purse Pod moved beyond just a great idea and into production as we went in search of the perfect bag and quality items women would love using each day.

Searching took quite a while, but now we have a product we love and are excited to share. The fabric feels luxurious and durable and the inside of each pod is lined. It is designed to hold the nine essential items we’ve chosen as well as a few accessories you may want to add. Even the zipper is the highest quality because we knew it would be used multiple times each day. We know we do! We hear daily how Purse Pods are the perfect size to hold everything, but not overwhelm a purse. We chose five initial designs to match different personalities and handbag styles – we love having one of each! We are excited to expand the brand soon by adding new Purse Pod designs and other items, such as teen packs, bridal packs & new mom packs so that each pod can fit the occasion. They make a fun gift for every event – from a best friend’s birthday to a favorite teacher or a high school graduate leaving the nest. Who doesn’t appreciate feeling pampered and prepared?

The Purse Pod makes the unexpected easier to handle, and as two work-from-home moms with 11 kids between us, we know that every woman needs all the help she can get to make it through whatever life may throw her way. So pass the hand sanitizer, please, and make it citrus-scented!